Onesimus drops GBV/scripture inspired song 'Solomon'


Malawi's award-winning, South Africa-based musician Onesimus has released a new song titled ‘Solomoni

This song essentially talks about Gender Based Violence and what the Gospel says but at the same time has a vibe you can nod to on top of the message.

Premiered on Joy Nathu flagship show ‘Made on Monday’ on MBC radio 2 the song talks of having enduring love like that of the Biblical Solomon.

He goes Mkazi sitimenya/ Mwanakazi musamuzunze/Malemba salichocho/Ngati Mwakani amwene mwanakaziyi mumuleke/mutibweletsera chitonzo

Being a top-notch composer, he brings a relatable aspect of the famous action movies actor Van Damme and John Rambo

"Chikritsu mwachisiya kuti mwasanduka Van Dame/mwina ngati Rambo/man mwalowa Jungle/Like Jungle jungle

"Yesu mwamusiya kuti mwasanduka Van Damme/mwina ngati Rambo/man mwalowa jungle/like jungle jungle

Produced by DJ Megi in South Africa, "Solomoni" has already been distributed to all major global online streaming platforms as well as local and international radio stations.


This is the singer-songwriter's first release in 2021 and follows the previous hit "Panado" released in October 2020, off his upcoming untitled album due this year.

Onesimus, born Armstrong Kalua, and currently based in South Africa, where he is signed to Muthaland Entertainment, is in Malawi shooting a couple of music videos, including "Solomoni", whose shoot started in Blantyre on Sunday, 10th January. 

As he prepares visuals for "Solomoni", whose release date will be announced in a couple of weeks, the artist will this week put out the official music video for "Panado", both directed and edited by SA's Da Mos.