Onesimus 'Home Coming Concert' Sept 25

The King is Back

Musician Onesimus has announced that he will hold his 'Homecoming Concert' at Lilongwe Golf Club on September 25, 2021.

"This is going to be one of the memorable Homecoming concerts in our history. My music is diverse, accommodative, so anyone can come.

"It’s been a long time, it sure feels good to be back to connect with my fans on stage.

"There’s a saying that goes like 'East or West home is the best'. So I’m really grateful and glad to be performing at home,” Onesimus said.

Onesimus-Home is always best

To show he is grateful being home, Onesimus added the audience should expect: "too much hotness and energetic performance."

Supporting headliners and others performers will be announced in due course.

His discography has records like 'FOYU' with Nigerian star Tekno',  'Here with me', 'Panado', among other hit songs. 

Looking forward, Onesimus says he is ready to grace the stage if necessary for "my fans here at home."

Onesimus, real name Armstrong Kalua started music at a young age and won awards on the continent for his music.

He has been in based in South Africa since 2013.