Phyzix drops ‘Momo’ ft Nepman

Phyzix and Nepman

Multi-award winning artist Phyzix, has dropped the official music video for his song 'Momo' which features Zembani band's dancehall artist Nepman.

The song talks about a legal woman (wazonse momo) whom he has so much love for.

The ‘wazonse momo’ girl goes to the garage to have her car serviced, gets cozy with the mechanic and is later seen meeting him at his home, becoming an item.

This is despite the fact that she was rich and he, from an impoverished background.

Having previously released singles including collaborations such as ‘Follow the Leader’ with Eli Njuchi and other prominent artists, this is just another song which has gotten great response from both Nepman and Phyzix’s fans.

The song Momo is in the Phyzix’s recent album titled ‘Flaws’ which has songs such as ‘Kuthwanima’, ‘Beautiful’ and many others.