Sand Fest puts headliners for each day, Mr P slotted for Friday

Mr P

Sand Music Festival has announced Mr P, former member of P-Square from Nigeria will be this year's headliner for Friday night.

Spokesperson for the festival, Laura Banda said they plan to have different headliners for each of the three days of the festivities.

Previously, the festival used to have a headliner for Saturday only.

“We are proud to announce the headliner for Friday night, the Amazing Mr P. From Nigeria. To grace the stage on Friday."

Banda told “Our Saturday Headliner is a surprise and the reveal will happen as the days go by. Finalisations are still being made.”

Laura Banda
Banda: More surprises have been lined up

Speaking on how they are planning this year's Sand Music Festival amid the upsurge of COVID-19 cases, Banda explained they have formed an alliance with the Ministry of Health to organise a mini clinic which will be available for all individuals exhibiting any signs and symptoms of the virus. 

“This will help contain the spread of the virus among people that are professionally unaware of how to deal and or detect the virus."

She added that this year's festival will be like all the rest, in summer, which from more obvious information is a better time to manage the spread. All activities of our festivals take place directly under the sun, hence the sometimes-used slogan 'fun in the sun'.

Ticket prices were recently announced and Banda has clarified the tickets will be sold online at MK30,000 using National Bank online services Mo626, FDH bank, Airtel Money, TNM Mpamba.The physical tickets will be available at filling stations at MK35,000.

Banda said the online ticketing is avoid any buyers being in contact with an infected ticket.

“This will keep the spread at bay. The online tickets will be MK5,000 cheaper than the physical tickets to promote the purchase of the online tickets.”


“COVID-19 hit the earth in March 2020 and till this day it is still a pest in our lives, it has now become a Norm, though painful because of the Loved ones we have lost and may God rest their souls, but life has to go on. We have to live with it.

Last year the Festival was marred with some technical challenges to which the organising team this year's event have said they are addressing such scenarios: “Sand festival being placed on the month end of October and early November, we were exposing ourselves to the merciless Chiperoni winds which came with cruel and long rains almost every Saturday night of the Festival. 

“This was noted but as it is a force of nature, we assumed it was just bad weather but due to the recurring disasters we've decided to change both the location and dates to accommodate the fact that Malawi is a country where people are paid on a monthly basis.

“Our advantage now is that the winds in Mangochi are not as bad and it barely rains on the 1st-3rd of October, which is the peak of summer. 

"The shifting will regulate the technical problems and will even eliminate this fault, and Impakt Events would like to apologize for the misfortune that befell us all in 2020, it caused a great heartache to disappoint our fans and nation, this will not have any room to reoccur."