Tekno, Vusi Nova to headline Onesimus 'Homecoming Concert Sept 26


Nigeria superstar, Tekno has been unveiled as one of the headline acts to perform at Onesimus ‘Homecoming Concert’ slated for this month end on the 26th.

Tekno and Onesimus collaborated together for the hit record ‘FOYU’ which was released last year.

“I just got off the phone with Tekno, Malawi are you ready?” Onesimus said breaking the news.

Word of Tekno being in Malawi has sent shock waves and spurred a sense of need to be at the event not to miss out.

South African Vusi Nova who he has just put out their record making waves ‘Maria is also confirmed to perform along with Ishamel

Malawian acts who have so far been confirmed include Hip Hop artist, Gwamba, DJ Nathan Tunes, Suffix, Piksy, Dicto6th.

His brother Fredokiss has also been added to the roster: "It can never be a Homecoming without my own blood, Ladies and gentlemen the Ghetto King will be performing live at Lilongwe golf club on the 26th September 2021," Onesimus said.

Lately he has been soliciting views from his fans on what song they would like to see him perform.

The first selection is songs from the time he was Armstrong ad these include the like sof Ndekha, Ndamusowa, Sinditha Kumvetsa, Cabinet yanga, Ndele mixtape and BrB mixtape.

The second selection list is from the time he changed to Onesimus and brought out hit records like Solomoni, Panado, Easy baby, Maaria, Here with me and Messenger album just to mention a few.

While others have been making picks, most people who have been commenting say they want to see him perform all songs.