Visuals for Onesimus' 'Solomoni' delay as he fails to hit 1K RTs


Malawian gospel musician Onesimus is taking heat on Twitter after failing to reach the 1000 retweets feat in order to release visuals for his popular song 'Solomoni'.

Twitter Malawi users noticed Onesimus has amassed around 500 retweets but the views to the shot clip has gone over 4,500 plus.

'Solomoni' is a song which sensitises on Gender Based Violence issues in relation to the Christian scripture. 

Most people have started taking jabs at Onesimus considering he is a well know figured and has thousands of followers, 82K to be exact.

Others have questioned whether the video will ever see the light of day if he doesn't reach the mark.

Staunch fans of Onesimus music have asked him to just put out the video because it has dragged on for long.

The call for 1K RTs was made five days ago on April 20, 2021.

Onesimus has come out to say regardless of the RTs he will drop the video on his birthday April 29th.