Wendy's collabo with Namibian out on her birthday Friday

Wendy Harawa and Maranatha Goroh

Award-winning Malawian and Namibian gospel musicians, Wendy Harawa and Maranatha Goroh have teamed up for their latest collaborative song 'Kuhambelela', which means 'Praise You'.

The track sees the two performers giving 
their fans a song that glorifies God in three languages; Malawian Chichewa, Namibian Otjiwambo and English.

'Kuhambelela' comes out with a music video, which will premiere on Friday, June 11 2021 Harawa's birthday and will be available on local TV networks in Malawi and Namibia as well as online on Wendy’s YouTube Channel, Mikozi.com and Malawi-music.com.

The audio track was produced and recorded by Glo, while the video was shot and directed by Eric Mule Productions.

Part of the song goes: "Tanau lila komwene (Return to the Lord) Ohatu Hambele Ndina loye (We praise Your name) Hambele ndina loye Omwa (Praise Your name oh Lord’…)

The track is Wendy’s second collaboration following the release of 'Akuwona', a song she performed with Kenya’s top gospel singer Guardian Angel, released last month.

What prompted Wendy to team up with Maranatha Goroh on this project, she says was her mission which remains to spread the gospel worldwide as she and 40 fellow African gospel artists, have a project called “Heal Africa”, championed by South Africa’s Minister Harry. 

Wendy and Maranatha

“I felt this was also a chance to utilise the group membership and checked on Maranatha for a collaboration and I am sure, as the Bible says, ‘I will give you nations’ and surely this is fulfilling the gospel and working together as a team,” says Wendy, who describes the release as amazing as it comes out following their attack by armed robbers in Namibia when they were filming the music video.

“It’s an amazing feeling that finally this song has come out. The devil tried to stop us [through the robbery] because he knew something greater was coming, but was too late because we did it, God won, the Holy Spirit won. This is not a song one must miss, it’s a must-add to one’s playlist.”

Wendy and Maranatha

Maranatha also shares her excitement: “It’s such a blessing and great privilege and honour that the song is finally out. Despite the setback of the robbery being really bad and affecting us in a negative way, God came through; what the enemy meant for evil God worked it out and turned it out for His glory.

“It was an awesome experience working with Wendy. She’s such an amazing and down-to-earth woman. 

"Having heard her story and all the things she has been through and how God has used her tremendously to be a blessing in Malawi, East Africa and Southern Africa, it’s really an honour and a blessing.

“Having worked with a Malawian artist I have great expectations for this song and I know it’s going to do well looking at the flavour, the difference in language made the song come out really well and also with the backstory behind it will make this song touch lives," she said.

After this release, Wendy has another song she recorded with Zambia’s Kings Mumbi and is slated for release in a couple of weeks, to be followed by other projects with South African, Congolese, Zimbabwean and Ugandan artists she has lined up for collaborations for the compilation of her second yet-to-be-titled gospel album due this year.