What beef? Third Eye, King Kananji duel

Third Eye, King Kananji

Hip Hop is a 'contact sport' in which things can get ugly real fast. From social media to wax or wax to social media.

This whole thing started with Qara Aura dissing virtually everyone name dropping Third Eye, Daredevils, Slessor to Suffix on his song.

King Kananji could not help but notice how everyone was sleeping on the song and gave it relevance.

Sooo.. we're NOT gonna discuss @QAura4 coming for EVERYBODY on this #LemonPepperFreestyle !?? 👀🥶🥶🙆🏾‍♂️🙆🏾‍♂️https://t.co/uIRZAD6yBT

— LIBERATE ZIMBABWE (@KingKananji) May 7, 2021

Third Eye real name Mandela Mwanza took notice and chided King Kananji for backing of what he called mediocrity.

Third Eye said apart from the name dropping the song lacked proper delivery and Qara Aura was screaming too much on the song.

Man, I love the name dropping 🤣. Call people out in these raps! But there's sumn off about the overall delivery that Q went with that makes this yet another "for rappers only" song. Exodus 2 by David or Anatha by SevenOMore were put together slightly better. https://t.co/fteMsE8evj

— Desmond Duntu (@B1Daredevilz) May 8, 2021

The two went back and forth as it emerged Third Eye gave King Kananji platform. 

During the back and forth people took notice it was reported Third Eye makes $50,000 per show sparking a debate on money issues.

Third Eye did correct the numbers but hell had already broke loose.

Third Eye receipts
Third Eye shows receipts 

King Kananji went to the studio and dropped a diss record titled 'End of an error' in which he says he is 'taking candy from a third eye baby' and calls him all sort of names.

Music manager for Eli Njuchi, Prince Carth Chikweba suggested a freestyle battle on Joy Nathu's Made on Monday to settle the scores bar for bar.

Fast forward Third Eye is expected to give his response to Kananji with his diss record '50 and 0' to be premiered on Made on Monday. 

The stakes are high and there are division among rap enthusiast and music fans alike over who is the best rapper.