Eli Njuchi cuts calls to TNM, analyst weighs in

Eli Njuchi

Eli Njuchi's manager, Prince Chikweba has come out to clear the mist over the artist not renewing his contract with mobile network provider, Telekom Networks Malawi (TNM) saying there were issues to do with unfulfilled contractual obligations.

Chikweba explained that when contracts are being signed, promises are made for the best interest of both parties and reviews are carried out.

The prolific manager,  said in the first three years of the contract they had several discussions on the fulfillment of the promises but due to not commitment, they have decided not to go forward with it.

Eli Njuchi, TNM termination statement
Eli Njuchi's TNM termination statement

TNM is yet to make an official statement regarding the situation as it has six more young ambassadors under the same deal which Eli Njuchi sign and has backed out of.

He emphasised the direction and growth of Eli Njuchi is what has led them to the decision saying it is in the best interest to move on.

He did elaborate that this does not mean they are they have prospective deals on the table clearing speculations they could be in talk with other companies.

Eli Njuchi said the deal has gave him a chance to learn bit they were lots of room for improvement for it to make sense.

Fashion Designer and entertainment commentator, Roy Banda putting in his two cents said the entertainment industry has grown and artists now are having more impact and power especially on social media but due to lack of enough sponsors or investors, issues of contracts have been taken with babies' gloves.

"Most artists get excited when a company approaches them for a deal as a result most contents of the contract are not taken seriously and an artist has little say on the things in the contract for fear they company will change its decision and opt for another artist.

Roy Banda

Banda: Artists should have a lawyer too

Banda went on to say that is not supposed to be the case: "I feel artists should have a lawyer too so that when they are signing contracts like these the company should make sure they do all the things or 95% of what is in the contract failure of which should lead the artist suing the company.

"On the other hand the company should make sure that the artist fulfils what has been stipulated in the contract."

He highlighted: "For example, if I am an ambassador of a company, I have to put down strategies and events that I am going to take to sell the company (with a budget attached) the company has to give me that money and check the results...so in the first 6 months there should be a review of what I have done....if there are results we are good if no results the contract can be terminated or we can improve.

"If the company does not provide me with the resources I need to sell their brand then i can terminate the contract or sue the company."

Banda chided artists not only Eli Njuchi saying they need to grow up and read contracts in their entirety before signing.