Gwamba's 3rd album 'True Independence' out July 6th

Gwamba 3rd album artwork

In Hip Hop, an album title and a nice release date are part of the culture and Gwamba 'The Chichewa Hip Hop Landlord', has shown he understands the two concepts quite well.

His latest full blown project, his third will be called 'True Independence' and comes out on the day Malawi celebrates its own independence from the British, July 6, 2022.

Over the years Gwamba has kept most of his projects close to his heart to avoid diluting the content, so no leaks but he does drops singles to give people the gist of what to expect, just to keep the people in suspense.

The Landlord

'True Independence' is what he calls his masterpiece, a defining album for him but he is keeping hush hush on the details.

The album is expected to have international artists and as locals with production from Black Falcon Bird, Henwood, mostly his usual go to producers.

Journalist, Chifundo Zungunde has come close to make sense of the artwork, nearly cracking the concept behind the album to which Gwamba himself has said he loved the narrative.

"Just by looking at the artwork, I predict the album will center on John 8 v 31-32 which reads: "So Jesus said to the Jews who had believed him, “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

Zingunde went on to explain: "I'm seeing Gwamba artistically narrating to the world how the word (Bible) he is carrying on the artwork can set one free from the chains of sin and earthly Challenges, my prediction.

"The Chain on Gwamba represents the hiccups, that humans face on earth, the Bible represents how one stick to God in the hard times, look at the beautiful woman carrying a Malawian flag I think that's Mother Malawi on her humble knees silently saying "true independence comes with the word of God" finally the rest represents the society, I predict."

Gwamba has made significant impact on the Hip Hop scene from secular to gospel and managed to uplift other artist by pushing the envelope.

Recently he sponsored Makosana rap battle challenge to a tune of K300,000 where the winners, male a female both took K150,000 each.