Nkasa disowns Facebook post

Joseph Nkasa

Phungu Joseph Khasa is a phenomenal person; on the microphone, on stage and in real life. Whenever he opens his mouth something happens.

Considering Malawi is like a sitcom, another day bring its own drama and of late it has been a purported Nkasa social media page on Facebook lambasting people over what he says is poking their noses where it doe not belong.

The post comes from a debate that he is in his old age and should stop bearing children.

The debate came from a picture which went around of him and a baby.

Fans started commenting and his reply was scathing.

The purpoted post
The purported post

We reached out to Nkasa to authenticate the account, post and essence of what he was saying but he strayed around the topic.

In the telephone call Nkasa tried to distance himself from the account.

He also skirted away as having no clue of the purported social media page.

When pressed, Nkasa cut off the phone call.

The Nkasa page does not seem to have the post anyone