SLYC's 'Ndapanga Dala' is authentic Malawian groove for December


Malawian musicians and fans are embracing authentic sounds as noticed from the recent trends.

Gibo Pearson's 'Idzathera ma Penalty' is arguably one of the hit songs that took the country by storm.

Now, Zomba artist SLYC is making his mark with his own malawian sound in 'Ndapanga Dala'.

TikTok challenges have proven to be a catalyst in terms of wide reach and and bringing popularity to songs.

SLYC's song is no exception as videos of young teens vigorous shaking of their buttocks has made the record to become a December vibe.

Ndapanga Dala is about how a man tries to test his woman to see if she really is into him for the long haul.

The video was curated by VJ Ken and has an interesting story line.

The choreography in the visuals is scintillating;  people are already mesmerised with the content.

Mtisunge Kambewa said she was happy the video was up to par.sayinf it would have been injustice if they dumbed it down.

"Video sanapale," Kambewa said.

John Kamwera was ecstatic saying Malawians' are now able to vibe to their own music rather than foreign genre.

"We need to be proud of our own music, culture and heritage."

The songs is already making waves as it's numbers on YouTube are going up fast since it was uploaded.