What to expect from Malawi's entertainment industry in 2022

Gramps Morgan in Malawi

COVID-19 characterised the way of living for past two years but in 2021 it became the new norm. People learnt to live with it just like HIV and AIDS, Tuberculosis and went about their business.

Entertainment provided escapism from the harsh realities of life; some of which were political, and social economic.

During the festive season people partied hard but now that a new year has dawned on us, reality is kicking in. We spoke to a number of  knowledgeable people in the business, from event organisers, promoters, media personnel on how they look at 2022.

Joey Boy at Life Fest

HD Plus Creations, Marketing and Public Relations Officer, Thom Siveliwa in his assessment saw growth in 2021 for industry in general and cites the year ended on a high note.

Siveliwa goes into another intricate sector which is the pageantry where he noted that: "A lot beauty pageants competitions were introduced and there were many Malawians who represented the country outside."

Being in the movie industry, as the people behind the movie Fatsani, he also had something to comment about the industry: "Looking at the movie industry, it's coming to life.

"Overall, I'm seeing a very promising 2022 in all departments, some didn't do well last year I'm hoping this year they will come back even hard to make 2022 more exciting."

Black Missionaries at Sand Fest

Event organiser, Joseph Chingaipe, popularly known as RJ is part of the biggest and most iconic festival, Sand Music that brings enticing traditional flavours blended with modern culture around the country concurred with Siveliwa saying: "2022 looks promising.

"So far so good we have seen and heard a number of artists lining up projects which they would like to release this year, the likes of Gwamba, Kell Kay, Eli Njuchi just to mention a few."

In terms of musical concert, his area of expertise, he was quick to point out that in 2021, the country saw a lot of international shows taking place which were largely successful.

He said this was despite the COVID-19 pandemic and projects that in 2022 we should expect more of such concerts.

P Squa
PSquare in Malawi

RJ says he will be keeping tabs as last year, a number of Malawian artists announced working with international artists. "We expect those projects to be released this year."

Gary Samati an up and coming journalist with Times Media Group and who runs the interactive site FYI sees 2022 it as exciting year.

"It looks exciting cause of how we finished 2021. There were a lot of debates about song of the year for example, which I'm sure will inspire a lot of artists to put out quality content to join the conversation this year.

"We also had a couple of international artists perform last year. I'm sure the organizers have learnt from their mistakes and achievements and therefore 2022 looks exciting - for as long as the Covid-19 situation allows."

Chiponda, Olomide
Chiponda (R) and Olomide (C) maskless and not observing social distance

On the COVID-19 situation, the government recently told the public to stop partying but the appeal was met by a challenge as the Co Chairperson of the Presidential Task Force, who is also Minister of Health, Khumbize Chiponda was captured with Congolese international act, Koffi Olomide, without a mask partying.

This came just days after she had given directions that people should continue wearing masks during the festive season to avoid an increase in the number of cases reported.