Anglicans want Malasa gone by Sept. 30

Chairperson of the petitioners

Some members of the Anglican Diocese of Upper Shire (ADUS) have told their leader, Archbishop Vita Brighton Malasa to step down and give room to others to lead the church or face mass demonstrations.

They disclosed this on Saturday at a press briefing organised by some of the church’s representatives from the Diocese.

According to the chairperson of the movement gunning for his ouster, John Ajilejile Awadi, Malasa must go because of what they term as his greed and selfishness which are putting the church under the threat.

“The Bishop has been swindling funds from our donors like Canada and other countries intended to develop the Diocese and its followers, to enrich himself," lamented Awadi.

Echoing the chairman's views was Rev. Fr. Dyson Chombo from Kholombidzo Anglican Parish in Neno who described the Bishop as dangerous and unfaithful to the church.

“Malasa is prioritising his personal gains than serving God,“ said Father Chombo.

The forum comprising representatives from the churches under the Upper Shire, thus, Zomba, Mangochi, Mwanza, Neno, Ntcheu, Machinga and Balaka has told the Bishop to relinquish the post by 30th September 2019 or face demonstrations from the frustrated Christians.

But when asked to comment on the development, Malasa emphasised that the Anglican Church operates based on prescribed canons which resolved its misunderstandings through Diocesan Standing Committee meetings and the Diocesan Synod and not any other fora hence he can not heed the demands.

Meanwhile the petitioners have vowed to maintain their stand saying unless Malasa leaves the seat they are not recognising him as their leader and that their parishes will continue absconding paying their ‘Quota' to the Diocese and will continue not taking any instructions from him.

The forum has also demanded that Malasa should with immediate effect, allow for a forensic audit to take place in his office, stop getting involved in partisan party politics, respect priests and stop harassing them among other issues.

This is the second petition the church faithful has issued the Bishop and is believed to be the last one before he is forcibly ousted from the post.