Atupele Muluzi settles for AFORD's Mwenefumbo

Muluzi and Mwenifumbo

Atupele Muluzi has settled for embattled Alliance For Democracy (AFORD) president Frank Tumpale Mwenefumbo, as his running mate in the May 21 tripartite elections.

Muluzi arrived at Comesa  Hall on a yellow Hummer and disembarked just soon after the main entrance to walk and greet his supporters who had been eagerly waiting for him.

On the other hand, Mwenefumbo came to the event with his wife Beatrice Mwangonde, was already seated inside the hall wearing a blue suit and tie with an Aford badge.

In his address, the young Muluzi said his presentation of the nomination papers marks the genesis of an attainment to absolute freedom where people will have access to healthcare services, quality education and an agriculture system benefiting the masses.

He also pledged to bring employment to the youth and provide a conducive environment for investors and sustained security systems.

Muluzi mobbed by supporters on arrival

The United Democratic Front (UDF) president, also preached tolerance regardless of political and religious differences.

He said he is equipped with the necessary expertise and experience, having worked with the current and previous administrations.

This he stressed demonstrates to Malawians that people can work together without regard of their differences.

Muluzi with with Mwenefumbo and UDF secretary general Kandi Padambo

“Atupele has shown you that we can work together as one nation. 

“We want to change the way we do our politics in Malawi. This will be a partnership," he stated.

Together with Mwenefumbo, who he described as a leader, perfect choice and good man, Muluzi expressed their commitment to the ideals of the country.

Mwenifumbo, Muluzi and Padambo

Muluzi explained that there could have been no better partner than the former AFORD member.

He has since resigned from his Health Minister portfolio and as a Member of Parliament.