Drama as MEC rejects Smart Swira’s presidential nomination

Swira anxiously waiting for for his running

There was drama on Friday morning as Independent candidate Smart Swira’s nomination was dismissed by the Malawi Electoral Commission as it did not meet any of the requirements by the electoral body.

The candidate, who arrived exactly at 9 am on a silver Toyota Vits, walked majestically to his seat. Ten minutes later, he was restlessly fumbling on his seat as his running mate was nowhere to be seen.

He later walked out and was seen talking on his phone. Thirty minutes later, the purported running-mate had not yet showed up.

Swira was later mobbed by reporters who demanded to know the goings on.

But he was non-committal when asked if he had paid the nomination fee only saying: “what happens is what happens”.

On the whereabouts of his running mate, who he identified as Priscilla Kumichonjo, Swira said she had alighted from minibus and was on her way to the venue.

Swira outside Comesa Hall

He claimed to have the ability to deliver where others have failed, as he is tired of people’s outcry on bad governance in the public sector, stressing that he is ready to show people how things should be done.

“Smart Swira is a dedicated hard-working deliverer. Everything I touch prospers. That’s Smart Swira, prosperity to Malawi,” he enthused.

When queried if he had paid and brought the requirements, he told reporters that they will know in due course.

He spoke of his determination to run for the Presidency and that he will deliver the moment he is elected.

“I will bring sanity in government. There’s disorder, I will bring order. Non-perfomers will go because I am a performer,” he said matter-of-factly.

The presidential aspirant explained that he once worked with the Bible Society of Malawi as a Programmes Director when they did not have a vehicle and were struggling with resources.

Ansah announcing Mec's determination after scrutinizing Swira's nomination 

He claimed that in his first month at the organisation, they were able to more than break even and during the second month, they had purchased a brand new vehicle.

MEC chairperson informed the gathering that due to what happened on Wednesday when Ras Chikomeni came to present his papers, the Commission resolved to scrutinise candidates’ papers and brief them on legal requirements first before proceedings could begin.

She announced that after scrutiny, there was no evidence that Swira had paid the K2 million fee and that he had gathered enough signatures for his nomination.

Ansah further said there was no evidence of his citizenship as a Malawian and of him being a registered voter.

There was also no running mate present or any of his or her particulars and; hence, the electoral body could not entertain his submission.

The Supreme Court of Appeal Judge informed him that he could come back later before 4 pm with all the requirements and later dismissed proceedings. 

Outside the hall looking undefeated, Swira showed reporters his national identification and voter registration cards.

On his mysterious running-mate, he said she had just got communication that her child was injured and could therefore not proceed with her journey to Comesa Hall.