Ras Chikomeni to seek court injunction

Ras Chikomeni with members of his team and CHREAA members

Independent presidential candidate Ras Chikomeni Chirwa will on Friday seek a court injunction asking the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) to review their K2 million nomination fee.

On Wednesday, MEC sent back the Mzuzu-based Rastafarian candidate on account that his application had failed to meet two conditions: the K2 million nomination fee and that he had not secured 10 signatures each from at least 19 districts.

Ras Chikomeni’s presidential bid seems to have found a new lease of life after Centre for Human Right Education, Advice and Assistance (CHREAA) stepped in on Thursday to offer him legal support to take on MEC.

CHREAA deputy executive director and legal counsel Chikondi Chijozi told Kulinji that the intention is to challenge MEC on the K2 million nomination fee which they view as being prohibitive.

“We want to seek for an injunction compelling MEC to review their K2 million fee for independent candidates on account that they do not receive funding from Parliament and also on the basis that the money is exorbitant for ordinary Malawians,” she said.

She added that the K2 million fee in a country where the majority of citizens live on less than a dollar a day excludes citizens from exercising their Constitution right to contest as presidential candidates.

“We are also seeking an extension for MEC to review the period in which he will get the requisite 10 signatures per district from at least 19 districts considering that our client is an independent candidate with no structures like the political parties in the districts,” she said.