A war of petrol bombs ensues in Malawi


The ruling Democratic Progress Party (DPP) has blamed Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) for an attempted petrol bomb at its regional offices in Lilongwe.

Spokesperson for the party Nicholas Dausi said HRDC’s rhetoric is what has caused unknown people to try and douse their offices with fire in the wee hours of Monday, August 19.

Dausi sounding distraught asked what direction the Malawi is taking saying as a party they believe overzelous people took HRDC threats and put them to action.

He said: “Is this the direction which we want to take as a nation. We were lucky because the fire was put out fast after our guards saw the fire."

The DPP spokesperson said Malawi is a poor country and it will be difficult to grown as a nation with the current status quo..

"How can we grow like that when we keep destroying. Now they are burning our offices. All we have is peace and harmony, what are we teaching our children?" wondered Dausi.

Last week the DPP came pout to categorically deny petrol bombing HRDC national chairperson Timothy Mtambo.

Dausi said the attempt at their offices was in retaliation to the petrol bomb which took place at Mtambo's house a move which DPP was blamed but distanced themselves saying they are ruling and not have the time to engage in such acts.

Vice chairperson for HRDC Gift Trapence has since said allegations by Dausi are 'very false'  adding they are not involved.

Trapence commenting on the statements that their rhetoric caused this recent bombing said: "We expressed our plea after they wanted to kill Mtambo so we want the truth to be found out. It is not just about talking but they wanted to kill one of our own. The police should do their job and the law needs to take its course and not just stand by while this go up in flames."

Mtambo specifically mentioned Dausi who is also minister of Homeland security in the attack and Charles Mchacha who is the party’s southern regional governor.

Responding to the counter claims by Dausi, HRDC said they have no hand in the petrol bombing and are surprised to be called out.

He asked the Malawi Police Services to undertake its duties to find out who is involved instead of coming to the media with unsubstantiated claims.