'Chief Justice report to ACB shows ConCourt independence'

Chief Justice Andrew Nyirenda

Political and social commentator Humphrey Mvula has said Chief Justice Andrew Nyirenda reporting allegations of bribery to the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) ahead of the presidential election case which is waiting ruling shows the courts are steady fast and independent.

Mvula in an interview with Kulinji.com on Monday said it is  sad that anybody or party or group of individuals would decide to bribe the Constitutional Court or the judges handling the crucial election case so that they rule in their favour.

He said the report to the ACB shows the judges will stand their ground but pointed out that the investigations should not just look at the money aspect but also look into methods that could be used that are ‘crude and bad’.

The commentator said they could threats against the judges' lives.

Mvula said it is gratifying to note the judges have taken the stand to use the evidence before the court and not the money offered to them.

“Them coming out to complain about it shows they are stead fast and would want to maintain their independence, they want to maintain the calling of their job. Judges are supposed to provide justice; they are great citizens because they able to arbitrate between the rich and the poor whether there is money involved or not.

“We still have great judges in this country, of course we do have a few rotten apples like we have heard someone was being used but then largely we have great individuals," he said.


Chief Justice Andrew Nyirenda reported to the Anti-Corruption Bureau attempts to bribe the five judges; Lead Healey Potani, Ivy Kamanga, Dingiswayo Madise, Mike Tembo and Redson Kapindu.

ACB Director Reyneck Matemba has confirmed the complaints from the Chief Justice saying there are pursuing the matter and have also received other complaints from those concerned.

Matemba said the complaints are about individuals and not any particular parties.

Last week, a grouping calling itself Joint Civil Society Platform on Good Governance Platform (JCPGG) wrote the Chief Justice to ask for an inquiry to be instituted into UTM Saulos Chilima meeting with members of the judiciary and how that could jeopardise the deliberation of the contentious case.