Chisale's clinic stay irks some Malawians


Reports that murder suspect Norman Chisale has been at a private hospital identified as Poly Care in Lilongwe and not Maula prison since August  31, have irked some Malawians including social media influencer Stanley Onjezani Kenani.

Malawi Prisons spokesperson Chimwemwe Shaba has refused to disclose his illness arguing it is unethical to do so.

But court documents show that the former president Peter Mutharika's security aid is said to be fighting bouts of panic attacks hence requiring medical attention.

The news has been received with suspicion with some, including Kenani saying the arrests are fake.

Kenani, is of the opinion justice is being averted.

Writing on his Facebook page following the news, Kenani implied that being rich could help one get away with murder.

"These arrests are fake. Chisale has not been at Maula Prison for 15 days. Apparently, he is at a clinic that is precisely 200 metres from his house. There are two Malawis, one for the rich and the other for the poor," he claimed.

Others also questioned why he was not taken to a government hospital.

But others have argued that as a suspect, Chisale is entitled to medical care.

Chisale was denied bail by Judge Ivy Kamanga in the murder case of Issa Njaunju, the Anti-Corruption Bureau.

Chisale is facing a slew of charges, his latest one involves the alleged forgery of credentials used to enroll into the military service.

He also has an attempted murder case in Blantyre where he is suspected of trying to kill a woman in Soche.

Justice Lovemore Chikopa said it is unlikely any competent court of law would grant him an injunction and stay order which he asked the Supreme Court of Appeal to stop further arrests.