COVID-19: Airports deserted

No people at the airport
  • All flights to be suspended by April 1

Malawi's airports including Kamuzu International Airport has been heavily affected by the threat of coronavirus. 

Airport Commandant Don Chimtengo has expressed concern over the way how coronavirus pandemic has affected the Airline business. 

Chimtengo was speaking on Friday when receiving donation from World Vison of relief items aimed at improving hygiene at the Airport.

Wvi donation
Chimtengo (Centre) receives a donation from WVI officials

Currently, all the the major Airliners have cancelled their flights and only Malawian Airline and Ethiopian are flying and that by 1 April, 2020, all International flights will not be allowed to land except those carrying medical personnel or emergency relief items. 

"The threat of this disease has negatively affected us," he said. 

KIA immigration officers were expressed delighted when World Vision International donated assorted items to help fight Covid-19.

Speaking when handing over the items, Charles Chimombo WVI director of programmes, said World Vision believes in helping and supporting the needy and Immigration Officers working at KIA are very vulnerable to the virus since they are in the front line serving passengers hence a need to support them with these items which will help them prevent catching the virus.   

Chimtengo said this was timely donation to the Immigration Department at KIA and thanked the World Vision for a good gesture demonstrated and asked them to extend the donation to other vulnerable officers at the other airports.