Hunger situation: some Malawians sleeping on Mangos, wild tubers in Dowa

Chefo donation

Reports are emerging that some Malawians are in danger of starving in Dowa following the conclusion of the 'Mango season as the fruit was proving to be a ready source of dinner.

Senior Chief Kayembe told our reporter in an interview that there is need for Government to come in quickly and provide food aid.

The Chewa chief said the sad part of it was that some had already started surviving on wild cassava, commonly known as Zikhawo.

Chewa Heritage Foundation (Chefo) on Sunday responded to the call by donating 210 bags of Maize flour.  

chefo donation in dowa
Chefo officials making the donation in Dowa

Speaking during the handover of maize, Chefo Chairperson, Professor George Kanyama Phiri, said Kalonga Gawa Undi who is King of Chewa people, is deeply concerned with the hunger situation in Dowa.

He said that is why he decided to delegate him to reach out to people of Senior Chiefs Dzoole and Kayembe.

Kayembe and Dzoole, have since commended  Chefo for the timely assistance.

"This assistance, will go a long way in helping the needy and will save lives of these people since some are sleeping with their stomach empty. "

The Malawi Vulnerability Assessment Committee estimates that 1.879 million people are in need to food aid.