'I do feel like Lazaro'

Malawi President Lazarus Chakwera

President Lazarus Chakwera has hailed the Malawi Judiciary for the significant step it undertook in restoring the people’s will saying that left a mark of its independence, in the doctrine of separation of powers.

Citing the Kenyan scenario where the President had not been sworn in yet before addressing the electoral dispute, he said Malawi’s pursuit of justice was slightly different as the President was already ruling and in control of government affairs.

He noted that despite attempts to have the case thrown out, the judges acted with integrity.

“The Supreme Court stood by the lower Court’s decision and we believe that justice, democracy and the will of the people have been respected through this and that’s an example to all the world that we must respect people’s rights”

“All indications show that what had happened was a miscarriage of what people had intended to do,” explained the President.

Rated highly: Judges of the Malawi Judiciary 

In an interview monitored on the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) radio, Malawi’s new leader stated that his winning the elections is a victory for Malawians, justice and democracy.

Asked if he feels like the biblical character Lazarus who rose from the dead he responded: "I came back from the dead yes, it’s been a long journey and we feel vindicated in a way.

“But my main focus is to really serve Malawians and make sure that as a country we remain united and not divided along regional lines tribal lines.”

Chakwera reiterated his call for a leadership that serves, unites Malawians, makes everyone to prosper and a leadership that deals decisively with corruption and theft of public funds and promotes the rule of law.

Acknowledging his religious background, the Malawi leader indicated that is not necessarily the push but rather a country that truly respects all citizens.

“The push is for a country that truly respects all citizens and makes a context within which those citizens can share the wealth this country is so endowed by,” he said.

Sworn in: Malawi's President with the First Lady Monica

He said the main pre-occupation is to go back to Parliament pass a resolution for a provisional budget for the next three months.

The Malawi leader indicated that he was not surprised by the margin of victory because opinion polls and reports were in the opposition’s favour and they won beyond the polls predictions.

Chakwera stressed on the need for the country to get united as he is not a President of a faction but a leader for all.

In his acceptance speech after his swearing-in on Sunday, he reached out to all even those who did not vote for him saying there is no cause for fear as his policy is that of inclusivity and building a new Malawi for all.

On reports of Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) monitors being beaten and missing, he indicated that has been adequately responded to by the Malawi Police Service and the Malawi Defence Forces.

Long walk to freedom? Chakwera with Chilima captured during anti-Ansah demonstrations

“In fact this morning I got a message from a Bishop up in Karonga in the northern city of Karonga and saying what the former President was talking about must be somewhere else because what he claimed had happened there never happened so he gets misled by intel that is nothing but rumor-mongering,” he said.