Kabwila still in Police custody to appear in court today

Jessie Kabwila

The Malawi Police are still keeping in custody former Salima North West Constituency law maker, Jessie Kabwila, who is also UTM executive member, for inciting violence and threatening judges.

In an interview, National Police spokesperson, James Kadadzera confirmed that indeed Kabwila is still in the hands of Police officers.

Kabwila was arrested on Saturday night by 15 police officers and is being kept at Area 3 regional office in the capital Lilongwe.

Police is accusing Kabwila of threatening to cause civil unrest if the judges sitting as the Constitutional Court rule against nullification of presidential results.

She issued the threat during last Thursday’s demonstrations organised by Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC).

In her own words, the former Malawi Congress Party publicity secretary said, “We were listening to the proceedings and am here to tell you we won’t accept anything other than nullification, so get ready (tonse timamvera mlanduwu, ndiye sitilora zauchibwana zilizonse kupatula kugamula kuti kuchitike rerun, apo bii muzanukha mphira mdziko muno)."

This is not the first time for Kabwila to be arrested.

In 2016, Police arrested her on suspicion that she and other MCP cadres at the time were planning to overthrow the DPP government.

Kabwila is expected to appear in court today.