Man busted for illegally connecting 20 buildings in Bangwe to ESCOM power

Escom official shows off illegal connection

A man in Nthandizi area in Bangwe, Blantyre has for the past two and a half years been using K1,000 worth of electricity to supply electricity to 20 buildings until Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (Escom) discovered his illegal connection.

Identified as Horace Khan, he only bought K500 worth of electricity units in 2018 and another K500 in 2019 for the 20 building some of which were houses, shops and bars.

Khan is reported to have been receiving money from the building owners like a legally binding supplier.

removal of illegal connection

According to Escom, he is being charged with two counts: Illegal meter by-pass and unmetered supply which attract up to K3.5 million in fines.

Khan, who is not alone in the malpractice, is yet to be arrested as he could not be found when Escom officials and Malawi Police officers made rounds in the area.

Cut off

Another culprit whom Escom and Police are looking for is Mavuto Kapyepye for illegally connecting 10 houses all of which he was receiving money from as the 'supplier'. He is also being charged with Illegal meter by-pass and unmetered supply.

Chitosi calls for continued information tips on illegal connections

Escom Public Relations Manager Innocent Chitosi said random inspections on their customers and tips from members of the public alerted them of plenty of illegal connections in the area.

“Indeed, we have discovered that there were a lot of illegal connection. One person was connecting to 20 customers and we had to deal with that,” he said.

Risky: A child removes her produce to let Escom dig up illegal power lines. Pictures by Pemphero Musowa

Chitosi said the illegal connections are risky to the public saying most often when tragedy stikes, the blame is heaped on Escom.

He implored on the public to continue sending them information of illegal connections, so they rectify the situations.