New judges sworn-in

Justice Mkandawire

Four new Supreme Court and 12 new High Court judges were appointed on Monday, on Thursday, they took oaths of office at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe with President Lazarus Chakwera advising them seek God's intervention in delivering justice.

"To be a judge is to join God in his work of serving the poor. You should also be with the people of Malawi as they feast with God at the table of justice," said Chakwera.

He further warned the new justices that distinguishing truth from falsehood will not be an easy task.

Chakwera greets the Chief Justice

In attendance was the Chief Justice Andrew Nyirenda, Attorney General Chikosa Silungwe and Justice Minister Titus Mvalo among others.

Chakwera whose election in June this year came after the courts nullified the 2019 presidential election, stressed that the courts should be avenues of peace.  This is because they save citizens from using violence to solve disputes.

Two of the five Constitutional court judges who presided over the presidential election case have made it to the Supreme court. 

They are Healey Potani and Ivy Kamanga. The other Supreme Court justices are John Katsala and Charles Mkandawire.

For the High court, Chakwera swore in judges Anneline Kanthambi, William Yakuwawa Msiska, Justus Kishindo, Violet Chipao,Vikochi Chima, Simeon Mdeza, Maureen Kondowe, Charlotte Malonda, Mandala Mambulasa, Mike Msungama and Mzondi Mvula.

The appointment of the 12, a first for Malawi brings the total number of High Court judges to 35.

Activists had been agitating for the appointments of more judges to handle the ballooning backload of cases.

The appointments therefore have the probability of boosting judicial services delivery speed.