Phophet Bushiri accepts Lucius' plea to bring cheap maize to Balaka

Bushiri cheep maize goes to balaka

Malawi's South Africa-based Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has accepted a request by Balaka-based musician and politician Lucius Banda to have cheap maize sold in the district. 

Initially, Balaka was not considered on the running #BushiriCheapMaize project. This was despite Banda being the first to write Prophet Bushiri, in October 2019, requesting for Balaka’s consideration. 

However, the Prophet has directed that Balaka be considered in the ongoing first phase of #BushiriCheapMaize sells going at K5,000/ 50kg bag, generally, due to food shortages in the district but, specifically, Banda’s persistent knocks. 

smiling after making a purchase
All smiles after making a purchase of #BushiriCheapMaize

“Besides writing us formally, Banda also flew to South Africa just to reiterate his call. Not only that. We also saw him going on social media to underline his request. 

“Mr Banda has proved he has passion for the people and there is no way we can let down such a selfless and humble servant of the people,” said Prophet Bushiri. 

Bushiri maize in balaka
Bushiri maize in Balaka

So far markets of #CheapMaizeSales have opened in Mangochi, Ntcheu, Salima, Mzimba and Phalombe.