UTM-MCP urge supporters to boycott work on 27th March

  • Alliance to go to Court over Ansah

The Malawi Congress Party and UTM Party Alliance have urged its supporters to boycott work on 27th March, as one way of forcing Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) Chairperson Jane Ansah out of her position.

UTM director of publicity Chidanti Malunga said the two parties have christened 27th March as a 'Day of Rage' as they cannot hold street protests due to the threat posed by the coronavirus.

“We must remind Prof Mutharika and Justice Ansah that we are tired of them taking us for granted. They do not have power. Power is with the people of Malawi.

“And the people of Malawi want Electoral Commissioners they can trust. Let us show our rage on Friday, 27th March, 2020. We are calling on all our supporters to stay away from work on Friday. Just for one day,” said Malunga.

Malunga: Read the Alliance statement

The Alliance and its partners told the press it has instructed its lawyers to commence a Constitutional challenge on Ansah and the current Commissioners for clinging to positions.

He explained that they want to seek the court’s indulgence to determine if it is lawful for Ansah to continue holding to her position when the Court and Parliament clearly stated that she is incompetent.

They have expressed dismay with the continued defiance of the Commission which they say amounts to contempt of court.

“To treat the findings of the Constitutional Court and the Public Appointments Committee with similar contempt and blatant disregard falls well short of the standard of behavior expected of senior public officers – particularly those charged with the solemn midwifery responsibility of giving effect to Malawians’ choice of their leadership,” read the statement.

He described the arrogant attitude towards state institutions by members of the executive as an assault on Malawi’s Constitutionalism describing it as dangerous noting that the nation has already paid dearly for the MEC’s incompetence.

The two alliance leaders have participated in anti-Ansah protests

Malunga noted that in its current composition, the Commission does not have the legitimacy and competence to manage elections whose outcome will command acceptability to all sections of society.

“Considering too what this country has endured for us to reach this far, it is extremely disappointing and sad that Justice Ansah still thinks that she should lead the Commission in administering the forthcoming fresh elections.

“It speaks volumes of the moral content of her and her Commissioners that they would insist on presiding over the election of the next President and Vice-President of this country when it is quite clear that the trust and confidence of the nation in their ability to do so has long disappeared,” he said.

The AIliance faulted Mutharika’s refusal to fire Ansah and her fellow Commissioners, his inexplicable refusal to assent to bills passed by the National Assembly, paving way for fresh elections and his unlawful attempts to extend tribal influence to the solemn task of state defence.