We've forgotten our people, says Bushiri, offers maize at MK5,000

Prophet Bushiri

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, leader of Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) has announced he will start selling maize at low prices of MK5,000 per 50kg bag on Wednesday in order to deal with food crisis in Malawi.

Maize is selling at between MK15,000-MK20,000 on the market rendering those without income vulnerable.

Propeht Bushiri has since brushed off talk he could be doing this for politics.

In a televised national address he said the initiative will commence in Ntcheu, Salima, Chikwawa, Karonga, Chitipa and Phalombe and will then move to the rest of the country on the basis of where there is a huge need.

Last year Bushiri proposed a solution to deal with the hunger problem but said lack of support has driven him to go it alone.

“Because no one took me seriously, I have decided to take it up alone. I am going to sell maize at the cheapest price ever.”

He has bemoaned the lack of support saying the initiative would have been a free and universal distribution had politicians opted to assist.

I want to show the nation that my focus is to help not politics. You must be troubled by rumours or guesses; my objective in doing this is not political or anything to do with gain, my objective is simply to help out those who like me take pride in being Malawians,” he said.

I want to help out fellow Malawians-Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

He explained that the situation has worsened and that Malawians must put aside their differences and come together and provide a solution.

“Democracy has won at court but what happens to the people dying of starvation? The same people who were spending sleepless nights on the streets fighting for their voices to be heard, what happens to that mother with five kids who cannot even afford a meal,” he pleaded.

Speaking on the Constitutional court ruling, Bushiri, as one of the first religious people to call for peace commended citizens for remaining tranquil after the ruling.

He however expressed sadness that the court ruling has diverted the nation's  focus and attention away from the hunger situation the country is faced with.

“We appear to have forgotten our people, the same people we want to vote at a later stage are going without food in their homes," calling on Malawian leaders not to forget to put Malawians at the forefront.

On the logistical part of the selling maize, he said only those who will go to selling spots with valid national identification will be allowed to buy.

It is an attempt to deal away with unscrupulous traders who would want to take advantage of the cheap prices to stock up and sell at a higher prices.

“This is a non-profit as I want to help out fellow Malawians with food and monetary problems,” he said.

He  has since asked for those who are capable to help him in the fight to make Malawi a better country.

As there was no opportunity to ask question it is uncertain as to how much maize he has in stock.