16 people perish during Easter holiday

Easter Accidents

Sixteen people lost their lives in various road accidents over the Easter holidays, police have confirmed.

According to Malawi national police deputy spokesperson Peter Kalaya, a total of 121 road accidents were recorded over the Easter holidays this year.

Kalaya could not group the accidents according to their respective regions, but said among the cases, 15 were fatal, four were serious road accidents and 16 is the total number killed, with nine seriously injured.

According to the statistics, this year’s figure is much higher than last year where 65 cases were registered over the same period (Friday to Monday).

Among the 65, eight were fatal road accidents, seven were serious road accidents,  eight people were killed, while nine others were seriously injured.

According to the Police the main cause of the accidents according to their reports was failure by road users to adhere to road traffic rules and regulations such that most of them were due to over speeding.