Amref trains community leaders on GBV in Chikwawa

Amref training on gbv

Amref Health Africa a Non Governmental Organization(NGO) focusing on  providing primary health care in communities has trained community leaders in Chikwawa on how they can manage and report Gender based violence (GBV) cases.

Speaking on the sidelines of a training  held recently, Chikwawa District Project Assistant for Amref Health Africa, Darkson Matchado said the training targeted  influential leaders in the district to help  influence adherence to to COVID-19 preventive guidelines

He added that the COVID-19 pandemic has increased vulnerability for women and children to GBV and rape hence it is paramount  for communities leaders to be alert.


He said: “The corona virus pandemic has increased women and girls vulnerability to Gender Based Violence. Such is the case as  schools have been closed. Students and pupils have been  in communities. Men also have been spending much time at home.

"All these has resulted to GBV cases to be on a rise," Matchado said calling upon the community leaders to be gate keepers.

Inspector Kingsley Mvuthe, Chikwawa  Community Policing Coordinator, collaborated Matchado's remarks saying the police in the district have of late registered an increase in GBV cases. 

Judith Pangani, a Gender specialist who  facilitated the training challenged  community leaders in the  District to help in fostering behavioral change towards gender based violence. 


Senior Group Khungubwe hailed the training as an eye opener saying it shall go a long way in helping him influence behavioral change among his subjects.

Amref Health Africa is implementing a one-year Covid-19 response project  which seeks to contribute in preventing the spread of the coronavirus pandemic through risk communication and community engagement with financial assistance from Global Affairs Canada(GAC).