Chakwera raps up in North tour with more promises

President Lazarus Chakwera

President Lazarus Chakwera has wrapped up his tour in the Northern region while promising more development activities.

Chakwera started his journey on Friday to appreciate the support for voting him as the country's leader and rendering to his administration .

Among others, Chakwera attended Chakufwa Chihana’s memorial ceremony, presided the handover of the Secondary Education Expansion for Development (Seed) Project.

Speaking during his whistle stop at Katoto trading center in Mzuzu, he told the multitudes Tuesday, that his government will deliver the 2063 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) and  Tonse Alliance promises.

“Development activities here in the north need to be done as soon as possible. Our vision is to have good  infrastructure including roads. We will complete all uncompleted projects and start new projects as well.

The world is changing everyday, so must we, we must change our mindset by loving  one another for the betterment of our country," he said

Chakwera further condemned acts of violence, mob justice and corruption.

"Lets protect our elders from false accusations of witch craft which leads in mob just, fight against corruption and follow laws accordingly," he added.