Coalition of Health Workers sends SOS to Chakwera


The Coalition of Health Workers in Malawi has asked President Lazarus Chakwera to intervene and assist in dealing with some of the challenges they face in their line of duty.

The organisation's Chief executive officer Tiyamike Goliati made the request when reacting to a court ruling that gave a 14 month-suspended sentenced to Esnart Seleman and her Daughter Yankho Seleman. The two were found guilty of assaulting Getrude Moffat a nurse at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre.  

Moffat was hailed as a modern day Nightingale

Senior resident magistrate Akya Mwanyongo the presiding Magistrate also ordered the two criminals to pay MK 75,00 to the Malawi government.

They were also ordered to compensate the nurse with K25,000 each.

In an interview after the ruling, Goliati applauded the court for the sentence saying this would serve as a warning to other would-be offenders.

Goliati then asked President Chakwera to intervene on such matters , arguing health workers face a number of challenges, among them low salaries and intimidation by some patients when they are on duty.

The nurse, Moffat was hailed a modern day Florence Nightingale.