CSOs call for Wim Akster's deportation

Chisenga, pictures courtesy of Abel Ikiloni, Mana

A consortium of civil society organisations working on the frontline of responding to Human trafficking cases has called for the deportation of Wim Akster over allegations of sodomy and his recent charge of illegal gun possession.

Led by Eye of the Child, the consortium will this month and in December embark on a number of advocacy activities intended to engage authorities to make sure Akster's Non-Governmental Organisation 'Lukas Malawi' is deregistered or suspended because it gives the suspect a platform to interact with children. 

Memory Chisenga acting executive director for Eye of the Child said they are also pushing for the cases be tried with speed.

On Tuesday 16th November 2021, the Constitutional court will give its preliminary ruling on the sodomy case.

Kulinji.com is reliably informed, Akster was arrested again and appeared before the Lilongwe Magistrate Court on 5th November, 2021 to answer charges of being found in possession of guns without permit/illegally which is contrary to section 12(10 as read with section 12(2) of the firearms Act.

Chisenga said: "Looking at the cases Akster is answering and how long these cases have taken and how the suspect is operating, we believe the best way is deportation.

Chisenga addressing media picture credits, Abel Ikiloni Mana
Chisenga addressing the media pictures courtesy of Abel Ikiloni, Mana

"He is a threat to our security, he is a free person. We have allowed him to operate through his Lucas Malawi, yet he has these cases of sodomy and being found with a gun. The cases he is answering can be taken to his country. It's called expedition. Malawi can do do that.

"He should be answering these cases while we have already deported him. We should not allow him to be in Malawi and be interacting with children. He still feels he has the power. He boosts of political connections, we do not know the connections but they are not above the law."

In a space of one year the suspect has been arrested three times for three different crimes.


Akster was arrested in April 2020 for allegedly sexually molesting six students and three guards.

He was charged with nine counts of sexual abuse and sex against the order of nature.

While waiting for his case, he was re- arrested on September 20th, 2020 for a different case relating to sex trafficking of secondary school girls and was charged with sexual abuse of a 19-year-old schoolgirl and human trafficking.

But Akster was discharged by Dalton Court Magistrate Soka Banda early this year. 

Magistrate Banda cited delays by the state to prosecute the case, calling it inordinate which in his view necessitated the discharge since he was arrested in 2018.

He added that the law requires that suspects should be tried within reasonable time and that two years was beyond reasonable time hence the discharge.

Akster has maintained that he is innocent and that the cases are a vendetta against him.

The ruling raised eyebrows among child rights organisations that were monitoring the case.

This prompted state lawyer Victor Jere to apply to the High Court for review of Magistrate Soka Banda’s ruling, and on 22nd October 2021 Justice John Chirwa of the igh court overturned the ruling.

The lower court erred by using wrong information to discharge the suspect. The case was reinstated and the suspect will be on trial very soon.