Cyclone Chalane "dead", but still observe caution-MET

Cyclone Chalane

The Department of Climate Change and Meteorogical Services says the much feared Cyclone Chalane died on New Year's Eve in Zimbabwe and has developed into low pressure winds called ex Chalane into Botswana.

A statement signed by the Department's Director Jolamu Nkhokwe, warned that the effects of Chalane are still influencing the Congo air mass and Inter Tropical Convergence Zones (ICTZ), which are bringing heavy rains over southern Africa.

"This thereby may enhance rainfall which may cause flooding in Malawi," says the statement.

Nkhokwe added that his department is still monitoring the weather pattern in the Indian ocean, in case another tropical cyclone develops.

Malawi is still recovering from the effects of Cyclone Idai, who struck in 2019. Some 975,000 people were affected,87,000 displaced and 60 lost their lives. 

Fifteen districts and two cities were attacked by the tropical Cyclone which also caused havoc in Mozambique and Zimbabwe.