Fuel crisis: Malawi Defence Force to escort fuel tankers

MDF Acting publicist Major Emmanuel Mlelemba

In line with one of its constitutional roles of providing technical expertise and resources to assist the civilian authorities in the maintenance of essential services in times of emergency, the Malawi Defence Force (MDF) will provide escort of tankers and fuel distribution to filling stations in the country.

The development comes amid fuel scarcity in most of the service stations which has been worsened by the on-going strike by transporters and drivers who are protesting over improved conditions of service.

A statement from the MDF signed by its Acting Public Information Officer Major Emmanuel Mlelemba, informs the public the fuel distribution exercise will commence from 1st October 2021.

“Armed military escort will be provided to fuel tankers from the country’s borders to National Oil Company of Malawi (NOCMA) depots and distribution from the depots to commercial gas stations will be done by military drivers” read the statement.

Some of the affected trucks affected by the sit-in

The defence force has also appealed to the public not to interfere with the operation which it will carry until the situation normalises.

As of 30th September, most of the country’s fuel stations especially in Lilongwe had run out of petrol stocks and has negatively affected transportation for public commuters and those with private cars.

The MDF was also involved in providing security to the anti-Ansah demonstrators who took to the streets following the 2019 elections results after public loss of confidence in the Malawi police service.