Garbage overwhelms Blantyre City


Residents of Blantyre city have expressed worry over the failure by the City Council to collect garbage on time.

The concerns come amid fears that with the rainy season, the delays might result in water borne diseases such as diarrhea and cholera. The garbage is also an eyesore.

A Manja resident we spoke to William Mkandawire said the council needs to restructure its garbage collection system.

“The council is supposed to come and collect garbage weekly but you will find out that most of the times it takes more than a week without collecting the garbage. This shows that there is a problem somewhere within the system.  Either the person who is in charge is relaxing too much or they don’t have enough resources.  If there is a problem within the system they need to handle it properly because this delays affect us badly,” he explained.

Mkandawire added that, due to the council’s delays the residents are forced to give the job to others who dump the garbage in undesignated places.

“I can’t keep the garbage for more than two weeks, so I just ask someone who is willing to remove the garbage to do the job and pay them for it,” he said.

Concurring with Mkandawire, Wyson Kwenda a resident at Chilomoni lamented that the BCC workers only collect garbage on one side which forces people to throw the garbage in places where they are not supposed to.

“Every Wednesday the BCC workers are supposed to come and collect the garbage but just like today, they have only collected garbage on one side of the residential area leaving the other. This will force the residents to take the garbage and throw it in one of the garbage bins which was provided by them but it is already full.

"It has been a month since the BCC came to empty the big garbage bin here and it is producing bad smell.We have been asking them about this and all they tell us is that they don’t have enough vehicles to carry out their job,” he explained.

garbage bins
Empty garbage bins- photos by Martha Pakula 

In an interview on Wednesday, Blantyre City Council Public Relations Officer, Anthony Kasunda said the council is working on the challenges that they are facing in garbage collection which will be addressed soon.

“As Blantyre City Council, we are working on the problems that we face internally and when they are addressed people will see improvement,” he said.

Residential areas including Nkolokosa, Kanjedza and Chilomoni are among the many that are complaining of the same delays and asking for improvement.