Govt attributes 'pa ground sipali bwino' sentiments to COVID-19 pandemic

Brian Banda Presidential Press Secretary

The Chakwera led administration has admitted the suffering Malawians are going through with the high cost of prices for basic goods which it has attributed to the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic.

Presidential press secretary Brian Banda acknowledged that Chakwera is aware of “pa ground sipali bwino” {things are not well on the ground} sentiments and stated the situation is not unique to Malawi only.

He pointed out the President realizes prices of commodities like cooking oil have gone up hence his government’s turning to railway transport which it believes will in the long run reduce costs of transporting goods and services.

Banda indicated the global pandemic has affected many countries in the world including Malawi but was quick to assure that if citizens join hands they will overcome and come out of the predicament.

 “The coming in of COVID has affected economies. Prices of commodities have gone up because a lot of countries haven’t been able to produce like they normally do and there has been a scrambling for commodities hence the high prices.

“But at the same time, the Reserve bank they are doing all they can to make sure the Kwacha stays stable. President Chakwera’s government is giving K35, 000 to families every month to cushion them as we fight the pandemic” he said

Chakwera: Very decisive in his resolve to open Malawi mission in Israel

He announced construction projects for bridges and rural roads to enable people get money for participating in programmes like it was in food for work.

During the state house brief on Monday, Banda dismissed assertions the President is slow and indecisive stating that prior to 6th July 2020 government had planned for fully fledged independence celebrations, but looking at the COVID-19 figures then, Chakwera decided against the move just hours before the celebrations and cancelled them

The event was moved from Bingu National stadium to Kamuzu Barracks with few people in attendance.

He also cited the re-instatement of the Army Commander General Vincent Nundwe to his post, Chakwera’s order to have COVID-19 funds audited as classic examples of decisiveness, swift in decision-making and someone in charge of government affairs.

“So we at State House have problems in subscribing to your thinking that the President is indecisive and too slow. The other thing that I can mention is that the President despite the many voices has been very decisive in opening our mission in Israel. That’s a classic example of someone who is decisive. The President made it very clear Malawi will have a mission in Jerusalem and he hasn’t backtracked in as far as that issue is concerned”.

He further cited the Agriculture input Programme (AIP) which despite so many calls against it, Chakwera went ahead providing inputs and the country’s crop estimates indicate a bumper harvest because of the initiative.