Malawians up in arms over Chizuma's rejection, HRDC for demos


The Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) has announced a march on Parliament on May 18 2021 following its Appointment Committee's rejection of Martha Chizuma as Malawi's new ACB director.

HRDC chairperson Gift Trapence told a press conference shortly after the results were announced that Chizuma has been impressive as Ombusdman and deserved the job.

Interestingly some nine members of the  Parliamentary Committee gave her a score of one out of 25 when the other nine members scored her 25 out of 25. 

Chairperson of the Committee Joyce Chitsulo insisted that Chizuma had failed because her performance during the interview was below par but denied some members' call to have the vote re-taken.

Commenting on Chizuma's failure commentator Onjezani Kenani said: "A sad day for the battle against corruption in Malawi. Parliament's Public Appointments Committee has just rejected Martha Chizuma, saying she failed the interview. Nine members of the committee scored her 1 out of 25. We got wind long before her appointment was announced that there was an underground plan to torpedo her appointment. Now they will put in the position someone they can control."

Journalist Innocent Mphongolo was also among those disappointed with the outcome of the interview.

"Sometimes I don't understand how we do our things in Malawi. How can a person who passed the technical aspects of an interview fail an interview by PAC ? With majority  members who do not have  technical understanding of the job. Their only qualification is them being Members of Parliament," he said.

More views:

"It's not on that some nine MPs should take 17 million Malawians for granted."

"It pains when we leave serious decisions in the hands of wrong people."

"I feel Chizuma deserves the ACB job. Unfortunately I'm not a Member of Parliament."

Chizuma, Malawi's Ombusdman has been ferocious in her meting of justice.

Legal experts argue that the President can present her name to Parliament again for approval.