Mpinganjira defense airs dirty laundry on political donations, loans

Mpinganjira picture by Pemphero Musowa

Businessman Thom Mpinganjira entered Defense on Wednesday afternoon and said "it is not correct" he wanted a favourable outcome for Peter Mutharika in the 2019 elections. 

Mpinganjira said he did not have any preference because he is not a member of any political party but explained he supports all political parties prominent in Malawi. 

"I fund all political parties if and when they come with a request just like I fund any other issues like schools, football through my organisation. 

He mentioned; People's Party, UTM Party, Democratic Progressive Party and Malawi Congress Party as the parties he has financed.

Asked if he has dealt with personally with all leaders of the four parties he mentioned Joyce Banda, Saulos Chilkma, Lazarus Chakwera and Peter Mutharika.

Regarding people borrowing money to him he said the DPP, MCP, UTM and PP cement him for money and that they would pay back. "Its borrowed from me, banks do not lend to political parties. 

"The Reserve Bank of Malawi has got regulations to do with politically connected people and institutions. Boards of banks also do not allow lending to political parties just like ey do not allow lending to churches."

Mpinganjira then showed he was uncomfortable to talk about the documents he was about to put in evidence telling the court the documents relate to all the politicians and parties he has given money to.

Judge Dorothy DeGabrielle ordered all documents relating to politicans and parties to be submitted as evidence.

"As a banker, banks and financial institutions we are not allowed to talk about customers. This is information is coming out because I'm sitting here, this information is only known to the owners."

He the started giving dates and amounts he gave to politicians and their parties. President Lazarus Chakwera and his Malawi Congress Party were loaned and donated money amounting to K94 million.

Joyce Banda and her People Party's were loaned K40 million. 

The Democratic Progressive Party was loaned money which accrued to over K900 million.

Mpinganjira said this in refuting allegations against him that he favoured DPP saying he financed all the four major parties before and after elections.

In cross examination Mpinganjira was asked if he could produce evidence of the requests made and reciepts to which he said he did not have at the material time.

He explained in re cross examination he got word from a Mr Chivunde and Prince Kapondamganga, Chief of Stae House but would sometimes get the request made in person from Presidnet Chakwera and would acknowledge through text messages if he recieved the money. 

Mpinganjira's lawyers have said they will parade two or three more witnesses.