Muslims celebrate Prophet Muhammad's birth with call for unity

Muslim celebrate the birth of Prophet Muhammed

Muslims in Malawi on Tuesday celebrated the birth of the Prophet Muhammad with a call for unity and peace.

Across the country, Ziyarah parades, which is one of the most important activities on the Muslim calendar were held in cities and rural areas.

The parade in Blantyre started from Kanjedza Mosque to Mpingwe Sports Club. Among some of the activities at the Sports Club included prayers and music.

Ziyarah parade
A cross section of the parade

Presidential Advisor on Religious Affairs, Shafi Abbas speaking at the event said Muslims need to be one despite factions of Sunni and Qadiriya.

"All the Muslims are the same, there should be no separation because the Prophet Muhammad is for all. We are grateful for this day and we should celebrate together," he said.

Abbas also emphasised on education for  Muslim children saying everyone should attend government schools and Madras.

Abbas called for unity and peace

"Madras and schools are very important so I'm encouraging parents and guardians to send their children," he added

A few years ago there was a request to make the day of the birth of Prophet Muhammad a national holiday but the advisor said he could not comment on the issue.

Head of Media for AQSA Committee, Muhammed Aboo concurred with Abbas on unity and peace.

"Let us unite as Muslims; let us be peaceful and we should work towards improving the country of Malawi as a community and as a religion."

He explained the day is quite significant because without the birth of the Prophet Muhammad they would not have a religion.

Aboo: Unit and peace is the message

"We would not have our Eid or anything else, so the way we see it this is the most significant day in the whole year for us."

Aboo said this year, they had targeted and expected 3,000 people but have had more than 5,000 people at the ground and 8000 people in the parade itself but others left in between.

"This year we had planned to go rural areas and we had 60 matches happening in Blantyre alone," he said.