Schools not closing-Ministry of Education insists


Ministry of Education has signalled it will not close down schools despite a number of them registering COVD-19 cases.

Parents and guardians have raised concerns that the government should tell them now if schools will close to avoid monetary losses of paying up school fees.

In a statement on their social media portal Facebook, the Ministry said they are aware of the rise in cases and “are closely monitoring the situation.”

“For now, the policy is to have all schools open is what is in force.

“As regards to compliance to the COVID-19 measures in education the Ministry continues to do assessments and spot checks to ensure there is full compliance and adherence to all COVID-19 preventive measures and guidelines that were circulated to all stakeholder,” reads the statement.

Co-Chair of the Presidential Taskforce Dr John Phuka last week said they had made the decision to reopen schools because they understood how the virus was operating.

Currently Malawi School Certificate of Education examinations are underway.

A Chancellor College lecturer tested positive and it is reported he was invigilating end of year examinations. Two lecturer have died at Mzuzu University.

At Polytechnic, a student has also tested positive while Blantyre Secondary School is also reported to have a case registered.

A number of private schools among them St Andrews, Phoenix have also registered positive COVID-19 cases.