We are ready to deliver free and fair by-election-Commissioner Kunje

Commissioner Kunje

The Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) has reassured Malawians that it is prepared to conduct a free and fair by-elections despite the limited time it has to prepare for the polls.

Speaking during the launch of the by-elections at St Anthony TDC in Zomba on Friday, Commissioner Linda Kunje emphasised that the vast experience that MEC has will enable it to carry out the by-elections accordingly.

“I can assure Malawians that everything will be done accordingly, precedence is there for all to see. People saw how we conducted the 2020 Fresh Presidential Elections and the by-election that followed,” she said.

Kunje further advised all stakeholders to let aspirants for Zomba Changalume Constituency campaign freely.

“As for the voters, they should be able to decipher good messages and bad messages and make informed decisions without being coerced. They should also follow all COVID-19 preventive measures throughout the election period” she added.

Chairperson for Zomba District Elections Supervisory Team (DEST) Smart Gwedemula concurred with Kunje on the need to take the COVID-19 pandemic seriously and emphasized that Zomba DEST is fully prepared for the by-election. 

Zomba Changalume parliamentary seat became vacant after the death of John Chikalimba who was voted as Member of Parliament on a People’s Party(PP) ticket.

Meanwhile, PP and other parties are yet to reveal their respective candidates in the by-election as presentation of nomination papers is set for March 8 and polling day is March 30, 2021.

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