CDEDI, journalist Mundango to fight on against forced jabs

Covid vaccine

Centre for Democracy and Economic Development Initiatives (CDEDI) and freelance journalist Mundango Nyirenda have refused to be drawn to comment on whether they will challenge the court dismissal of their application against Malawi government forced COVID-19 vaccination.

The two have vehemently maintained their position still remains that no one should be forced to take them.

The application was thrown out of court last Friday on technicalities, with costs, and not on substantive matters.

Executive Director for CDEDI, Sylvester Namiwa speaking to journalists on Monday said they were: "...Delighted to note that although its application to the High Court on the matter was dismissed, the Ministry of Health has halted the mandatory COVID-19 vaccine which it announced in December 2021.

Namiwa: our position remains the same, no forced jabs

"This provides an opportunity to Malawians from all sectors of the society, ranging from scientists, legal practitioners, to the religious leaders, and, indeed, those with adverse COVID-19 vaccine reactions to speak out."

The Ministry of Health on the other hand says it is going ahead with mandatory vaccination of selected groups but is currently consulting.

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Namiwa said harsh realities on the ground still remain that COVID-19 is not the number one killer in Malawi.

He explained: "The COVID-19 fight has overshadowed other serious diseases and health delivery challenges, the case of acute shortage of essential drugs and medicines in public health facilities.

"The mandates have resulted in unprecedented suicide cases, job losses, 
hunger and dehumanising poverty levels, and the situation is worsening each 
passing day."

Namiwa and team
Namiwa making a point at the briefing on friday

He added government has used fear tactics to control the minds of the 
people emphasising both democracy and science thrive on skepticism; "Therefore, they (Malawians) should question the very same things they are encouraged to fear!

"The veil of secrecy and unprecedented censorship surrounding COVID-19 
poses a threat to the future of democracy and trust in the medical profession".

The CDEDI boss has urged all those that were forced by their employers to get vaccinated, and those that have adverse reaction to the vaccine, to report to it such incidences.

"...We insists that everyone has their freedom of choice—to either choose life by getting the jab, or to choose life by abstaining from the vaccination. It should not be mandatory."

Namiwa pointed out they were forced to move the courts after writing the Attorney General (AG) seeking government's position on what started as a silent policy of ‘No vaccine, no work' that was being implemented by some public and private institutions in the country.

CDEDI had earlier also written the Minister of Health on the same, but never got a response.