Woman, 72 assaulted for witchcraft suspicion, First Lady condemns acts

Eldery woman assaulted


A 72-year-old Lignet Chapule is in hospital in Chiradzulu, after she was severely beaten up on January 8th this year on suspicion that she had been practicing witchcraft.

According to Chapule’s fourth born daughter, Magret Musolo, the frail woman whose one leg already got paralysed due to a stroke, was beaten up severely on both legs and the head and her house was burnt to ashes.

 “It was on the 8th January, this year when mother’s in-laws sent some young men to come look for me and my mother so as to petro bomb us on allegations that we practice witchcraft

Monica Chakwera
Chakwera cheers gogo Chapule in hospital. Photos by Abel Ikiloni, Mana

 “I managed to run for my life but my mother could not, because of her condition. As such, she was beaten severely and currently she is in this hospital nursing multiple wounds,” she explained.


Malawi's First Lady Monica Chakwera on Monday bemoaned the increase in cases of abuse against the elderly in the country, noting that despite efforts to protect the senior citizens such cases were still on the rise.

Chakwera made the remarks when she, in her capacity as matron for Malawi Network of Older Persons Organisation (Manepo), visited Chapule in hospital.

She observed that just last year, in Chiradzulu alone, close to 26 cases of abuse against older men and women were recorded.

“This should be a worrisome situation to a lot of people,” she said.

The First Lady who also prayed with the survivor, condemned the acts of violence against older men and women, calling upon law enforcement agencies to investigate the issue

In his remarks, Manepo Executive Director Andrew Kavala pledged to follow up the issue to ensure that the accomplices are brought to book.

He added with the First Lady, being their matron, the organisation is hopeful that it will able to push through some policies to be  implemented in order to create conducive environment for older men and women in Malawi.

Malawi has close to 800,000 elderly men and women.