Cyclone Freddy: At least 99 people have died in Malawi

Disaster in Malawi

Cyclone Freddy continues to wreak havoc in Southern Malawi with reports indicating that at least 99 people have lost their lives, countless others have been injured and yet others reported missing.

Reports from Blantyre District indicate that 85 people have died and 134 have sustained various degree of injuries following Freddy-induced heavy rains and mudslides according to the Department of Disaster Management Affairs.

The reports further indicate that 16 people are missing and that 300 households (approximately 1,350 people) people have been affected; out of which 46 households (approximately 207 people) have been displaced and have sought refuge at Manja Camp and Naotcha Primary School. 

 In Blantyre City, the council has recorded 10 deaths, with nine registred in Ndirande Township. 

Kalemba (2nd R): We're facilitating support

In Chikwawa, 1,112 households (approximately 5,004 people) have been displaced with one death and three injuries recorded.

Currently, six camps have been set in the district. 

In Nsanje, 1,300 households (approximately 5,850 people) have been displaced with one death recorded and five camps set. 

In Chiradzulu, 170 households (approximately 765 people) have been affected, with two deaths and two injuries recorded. 

In Thyolo District, the council reports that 11 households (approximately 50 people) have been displaced and that two camps have been set.

In Phalombe, the council has recorded three injuries with 14 camps set up.

"Meanwhile, the department, humanitarian partners and councils are facilitating the provision of relief assistance to affected and displaced households, with search and rescue operations led by the Malawi Defence Force, the Malawi Police Service, the Department of Marine, the Malawi Red Cross Society and communities; underway. 

"DoDMA has readily available relief items in strategic places and has since dispatched the items for use by displaced and affected communities. At Manja and Naotcha camps, the department, in collaboration with humanitarian partners; has provided blankets, maize flour," said DODMA Commissioner Charles Kalemba