What is this about? DPP queries agenda of Chakwera, JB, Achair meet

  • Malawians think it's useless and waste of resources

Opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) says it wants to know the agenda of the meeting of President Lazarus Chakwera and former heads of state.

The President is expected to meet his predecessors Bakili Muluzi, Joyce Banda who have all confirmed attendance.

In his address on Sunday, Chakwera said he wanted to meet and discuss the situation of Cyclone Freddy devastation.

Over half million have been displaced with 500 dead and hundreds mission.

DPP party and presidential spokesperson, Shadric Namalomba disclosed they are willing to a sit down but they had not received the official invite yet.

Namalomba also said they would be willing to meet if Chakwera change the venue.

Initially, the meet, was scheduled for Thursday, March, 23, 2023 at Sanjika Palace.

Namalomba explained they are not comfortable with going the palace and want a neutral ground.

The spokesperson said Mutharika has always been available to assist on issues of national interest once approached.

“On many occasions, extended an olive branch to Chakwera to show him that, within the DPP, we have men and women who can assist in governing this nation."

Before the meet, Chakwera will go to Parliament on Wednesday where he will appeal for more support from legislators as they will be deliberating on the National Budget.

Malawian's reaction

And how exactly does this help the situation? https://t.co/tzJKSl9tym

— Amnesty Gondwe 🇲🇼 (@Santaah92) March 20, 2023

Obviously a couple of kapenta/bonya buckets for the survivors who are in camps. Its a briefing [meeting for GIVING information], a thing that can be done virtually or in writing for a prudent man but alas this is Malawi. Rationality is rare!

— VigilantMan (@MassaTheScholar) March 20, 2023

How much is this Meeting going to cost? https://t.co/drqYwMTgGb

— Vendor RJ 🇲🇼 (@lbjoza) March 20, 2023

Unless all of them are opening their personal wallets, what exactly is the point? https://t.co/xYZcckxvk1

— Ava Coleman Stan account (@mapalosibande) March 20, 2023

Is there something that is so important about the situation that he can’t tell the nation but only privy to the former president’s? https://t.co/DDT8jTfpeE

— the-goodman🇲🇼 (@Khwima_urbanman) March 20, 2023