TNM brings in cheaper bundles to help minimise contact

Louis Chipofya

At a time when social distance is being encouraged as one of the preventative measures against COVID-19, Malawi’s first Integrated mobile telecommmunications and ICT network service provider TNM Plc has announced the launch of new most affordable voice bundles that offer more talk-time for less.

The new bundles are a part of TNM’s new consumer campaign, "Ndizotheka" which aims to empower Malawians by offering a wide range of affordable communication solutions including voice, data, home broadband, mobile money and enterprise solutions.

The new Mtolo bundles come with daily, weekly and monthly validity; the daily bundle priced at K500 offers 100 minutes of talk time, the weekly bundle priced at K2,500 offers 600 minutes of talk time while the monthly bundle priced at K10,000 offers 3100 minutes of talk time.

“These bundles are designed to offer affordable options for customers who make long phone calls for business or talking to their loved ones. No one wants their call to drop in the middle of an important business deal because of running out of airtime,” said Louis Chipofya, TNM Plc's head brand and communications.

He said the Nzotheka complements TNM’s drive as a pioneer of Malawi’s mobile telecoms industry.

“TNM remains the pioneer of mobile telephony, including 3G and 4G high-speed mobile internet in Malawi. This demonstrates our commitment to offering the best of the class digital services to our customers. With the growing youth population, Malawi is making rapid progress to becoming a digital economy. Lack of formal infrastructure means a smartphone is often the best gateway to access everyday services or finance or start a business. TNM’s “Ndizotheka” campaign will help boost Malawi`s progress towards a digital economy,” Chipofya said.

He added; “Since we pioneered mobile telephony, TNM has contributed significantly to Malawi’s growth through investment in ICT infrastructure and latest technology; As a truly Malawian company, TNM is very passionate about the future of Malawi and we firmly believe that our technology is only good if it can play a role in lifting the society in which we serve,” he said.

In the wake of the coronavirus Disease which the World Health Organisation has declared a pandemic, the head brand and communications urged TNM customers to adhere to precautionary measures.

“Adopting a proactive mobile lifestyle that TNM offers through affordable voice, data and mobile money service will help our customers managed the risk of contracting the virus and staying safe as our services eliminate the need for physical contact with people,” he said.