BCC owed K600 million in city rates, seals properties

Airtel closure

Blantyre City Council (BCC) says property owners owe the Council in excess of MK600 million in city rates.

On Monday, the Council embarked on a city-wide closure of properties. Among the notable ones was AGMA building in Maselema, Globe House which houses mobile service and Internet provider Airtel in Limbe.

Other places which were sealed included Malawi College of Health Sciences as students were learning.

Health Sciences

BCC Director of Commerce, Dennis Chinseu speaking to Kulinji.com said: "You are aware that every property owner has to pay property rates.

"So all those people in arrears are being targeted. We are owed about MK600 million."

Chinseu explained that failure to pay the property rates means the Council struggles to finance delivery of services.

The operation is being conducted to encourage property owners to remit city rates.

Over 700 shop and building are on the list to be closed if they do not pay remit the money.