Illovo dangles K140 million in 'Iponyereninso Kwakuya' promo

The Nissan NP200 Trucks

Illovo Sugar Malawi has launched its 2nd 'Iponyereni Kwakuya ndi Illovo' initiative now dubbed 'Iponyereninso Kwakuya ndi Illovo' dangling K140 million in prizes.

Managing Director, Lekani Katandula said the relaunch is based on the response from their customers and shoppers in the previous campaign which run from October 2020 to 31st December, 2020.

The initial winners received combined prizes worth K100 million that included six Nissan NP 200 pick-up trucks.

Katandula said: "There was very positive response and this is why we are bringing it back this year," adding: "This year we plan to spend K140 million in prizes. I would say last year tinayiponyera kwakuya nde pano tayitenga pamene tinayisiya chaka chatha ndiku yiponyeranso kwakuya kapena tinene kuti tayivunga? I say that lightly but we do believe in continuous improvement in everything we do therefore this is reflected here as well."

Katandula posing with the car
Katandula poses with the grand prize

There will be three levels of entry into the competition; first the stockists, who buy and sell sugar in bulk and they will be required to buy two tons or more and stand a chance to win one of six Nissan NP200 vehicles. 

Grocers and those who sell packets of sugar to consumers in groceries or local markets, will need to buy two bales or more of Illovo Sugar and stand a chance to win motorbikes, bicycles and bags of fertilizer.

Consumers and shoppers have not been left out as they stand a chance to win cookers, fridges and shopping vouchers.





This category will require one to buy 3 kilograms or more of any Illovo Sugar.

"But that is not all we will also run Monthly Instore activations where other prizes will be won instantly including buckets, zitenje, Tt-shirts and Illovo sugar packets," Katundula said.